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Robert W. Davidson 1961 

Southern Conn State University 1983 - BS Art Education

Southern Conn State University 1987 - MS Art Education

Summer workshops:

Lyme Academy of Art - 1999

Maine Media Workshops College - 2000

Connecticut College - 2004

Maine College of Art - 2014


Inspiration comes from my visual sensation of things that reflect my daily experiences and interest ... both structural or organic - sometimes the same. The element of light has a significant impact on my ideas, light exposes the quality of a subject both representationally and abstractly, this visual experience initiates my desire to respond creatively. The medium (drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography) that I choose is often driven by the visual message that I want to convey - for me the medium choice is a tool that complements the mark making process.  However, my interest in color and shapes also inspire my need to create as well. 

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